Lisa the Intern

The first two weeks

I remember the day I started my internship like it was yesterday, good old memories from two weeks ago. When I got off the train and crossed the Queen Astrid square, all sorts of doom scenarios went through my head. What if I were to stumble and literally barge into the office instead of walking in? That would surely be a grand entrance, although not one I would like. Or maybe I would spill my coffee all over my shirt. Or maybe the day thereafter, they would realize that they had made a mistake and they would fire me (is it even possible for an intern to get fired?).

Luckily, none of these doom scenarios took place. I managed to walk into the office instead of barging in. I was able to keep my clothes clean and presently, two weeks later, they still haven’t fired me.

Upon my arrival at Flow Pilots, I was welcomed by my incredibly friendly soon-to-be colleague, Kimberly, who showed me around. She handed me the MacBook that I would be using for the upcoming months and taught me some tips and tricks about the program Sketch. As a Windows-user, I have never favored Mac and, on top of that, it turned out to have a Qwerty keyboard! But to be honest, it is slowly starting to grow on me.

For my first two weeks I got a briefing about the purpose of a possible app and the circumstances in which it would be used. That was all the info I got. It was up to me to research all the different possibilities on how the app could actually turn out, which features it would have and to think about an app flow.

I started out by doing a lot of research, writing user stories and making a flowchart. It was only on the last day of the first week that I started designing and I felt terrible about it. The first design turned out ‘fine’ in my opinion. Just plain, old boring ‘fine’. After some feedback from Jelle, the lead designer and my internship mentor, I decided to completely start over again… only to achieve a result that was actually worse. The design I made was horrendous. I knew this and yet I couldn’t come up with anything better. When I asked some feedback again, Jelle drew up a sketch in five minutes on how the app could look like and it already looked better than my design on which I worked several hours. I realized that I’m an incredibly slow worker and there is still so much I have to learn. The designers that I’m surrounded with have so much more experience and not only do they deliver work much faster then me but it's also way better than my work.

Despite all the self-realization’s about my slowness and severe lack of experience I absolutely loved my first two weeks as an intern at Flow Pilots. They expect me to behave like a real employee and let me work on real tasks with clients (and they even put me as a team member on their website). It’s interesting to see how everything goes in a working space. There are the team meetings, the planning, the communication and the deadlines. I already learned so much in these past two weeks and encountered so many new things that it’s hard to write them all down at once.

And oh yeah, big plus: there was also this awesome office party on Thursday for the fifth year anniversary of Flow Pilots.